Saturday, 11 October 2014

?The Secret is Out! – Why You Give Facebook More Attention Than Your Better Half

A man once hired a staff member for his office whose sole responsibility in the job description was to keep track of all his online activity, and smack him in the face each time he logged into Facebook. We don’t

 always talk about it, and we might not always think about it, but we definitely cannot stay away from it no matter how hard we try.
As unresponsive and unproductive as sites go, we always return to Facebook even when we don’t look back at our last relationship which had honesty a bit more flavor.
All Men and Women Stalk
Forget the blast from the past friends we have not talked to in a while. The only reason we are interested in anyone’s life is because we feel either drawn, threatened, or want to know who he or she is dating. Plus I always thought Facebook was conceived for us to stalk old flames. It’s convenient, easy to do, and harbors way more personal information than we would like to see.
But First Lemme Take A Selfie
It could be because of virtual vanity Facebook is literally the only place our name would strike up accompanied a proof of our identity (the profile picture) when we input it in the search engine. Everyone thinks they have a friend who is constantly tagging his or her self in self crafted photo albums. Well, it turns out you are that person. Who wouldn’t want someone to approve and like the way your gene pool turned out. Plus, chances are your spouse is logged in, so let’s test how much he or she really likes you.
The Guilt Factor
Many people want to stay in touch but can’t, it is not just the busy bustling schedule that gets in the way but other things like living in two separate countries. Facebook helps us feel that we are connected and best buddies even if we only ‘like’ each other’s posts and grace others with the occasional ‘looking cool’ comment.
It’s Like Telling The World You Exist
Not to go all emo on this, but Facebook does help the human self esteem on being noticed even if you spend your day in front of a screen hunched on a desk 8 hours a day 312 days a year. The social media helps us feel more like we have a social life and if we do not tell people they might mistake is for total losers. It goes with all our personal beliefs that it is our personal duty to make sure people are thinking the right things about us.
In the end, we do care and we do always come back to this site even when we deactivate the account. Think about it how you felt when Facebook changed some of its features, weirdly so (and many of us do not admit it) it was like having our house renovated by tiny elves who should have been doing something else like making designer shoes maybe).